Monday, July 8, 2013


Being a dancer involves always being aware of what is going on in the body and how the dancer can tweak something in order to become better. It’s a constant growing process which involves changing and adapting so the dancer can have her body do some pretty incredible movements, stretches, and other dance steps that seem nearly impossible to the non-dancer. A dancer learns very quickly that they cannot do the same thing over and over again if they are trying to become better and change the outcome. If the dancer doesn’t apply the correction the teacher is giving her, she will never see a change in that particular step in order to get better. Just think, if a dancer can’t get around in a double turn because she is consistently using a bent supporting leg, what’s the obvious solution to her double turn woes? Make some sort of change, because what she’s doing now is not working! If she were to get upset and frustrated because she kept practicing her turn multiple times without getting any better, anyone could tell me her she needs to make a change in order to get better. No matter how much she believes in her mind that she can do her turns, she won’t succeed without making a change.

In the same way, as Christians, the Bible tells us there needs to be action that goes along with our faith. Essentially, it is telling us that our faith is dead without showing it through different works (James 2:26). What is so great about the God we serve is He tells us we need faith only the size of a mustard seed , and nothing will be impossible for us (Matthew 17:20). If we want to get closer to God, some sort of change or adjustment to our daily routine will need to be made. It may not be anything drastic, but making small adjustments here and there end up making quite the difference! Add some quiet time 15 minutes earlier than you usually get up every day and spend time with Jesus! Make it a point to replace a song you listen to on the radio with a praise and worship song on your iPod. Start talking about a favorite church service with the youth group on Wednesday night and start inviting some people that don’t go to church. If you see a girl upset or struggling with something at school, go up to her and ask her if you can pray for her. If you want to be bold about your faith to friends at school and share Jesus with them, make some changes! These small changes may feel uncomfortable at first, but that’s where faith comes in! Have faith and ACT on what Jesus tells us and see the difference happen!

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