Sunday, April 28, 2013

Waiting in the "Green Room"

On occasion our dancers will be invited to dance at an event that utilizes a “green room”. Recently our high school teens ministered at a large women’s conference. We were escorted to the green room. Decorated beautifully, we found many hospitable amenities: waters, sodas, coffee, gourmet brownies, candies and gums in dishes, a large bathroom and changing room, and a huge table and comfy chairs in which to dine. The Lord began to speak to me after the event concerning the “green room”. What a blessed place to be, yet not intended for a long stay. The “green room” is a place of holding until it is our time to take stage and do what we were called to do.

Just as our guest provided us a wonderful atmosphere and our needs were met, the “green room” for our dancers was also used for other purposes. After we ate and relaxed, we studied the detailed schedule of the service so we would know when to move to the wings. We prayed with the musicians and speakers and maintained a spiritual focus. Too, we stretched and warmed up our bodies, making certain we were going to do our best when the time came for us to “go on”. As the service began, we had to keep our ears and eyes open as to be alert to when our time was drawing nearer.

And such is life……

There are times in our lives where we might feel like we are in the Green Room. We have spent years training and preparing, and now the holding place before we take stage. It is a place of pulling everything together and becoming focused on what is set before you. It is a place of being set apart from the crowd and not distracted – a place of spiritual focus, of stretching and review.

Perhaps you feel like your training and hard work in various areas of your life is ready and you are in a holding place. You are not there to sleep or to walk out aimlessly and enter the audience. You are there in final preparation for what God has planned for you. Use this time and be filled with anticipation. Be level headed and look to heaven for His presence for your future and His timing. Soon you will hear the stage director peep his head in the door and beckon you forward with these whispered words – “You’re on!”

“My soul, wait silently for God alone, for my expectation is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense; I shall not be moved.” Psalm 62: 5 & 6

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